Special Thanks

The success of One Child - One Voice and the Tree of Life Campaign goes way beyond the outpouring of responses we have received worldwide. The global call that was sent out never would have been heard and answered if were not for the tireless effort, support, and love of many truly special people.

We would like to give special thanks to the following:

Production, Satellite and On-line Services:
Barbara Pyle
Marc Barasch
Frank Melli
Bill Gerstenmaier
Brett Lorenzen
Joseph Ciervo
Becky Holcombe
Bill “Troll” Tullis
Scott Pelzel
Ziya Danishmend
Bonnie Gould
Jeff Jeffares
Jay Antzakas
Rich Lerner
Paul England

Administrative Assistance
Eli Sweet
Herman Thompson

Jan Hartke

United Nations: Foundation
Rick Parnell

PR and Distribution:
Octavia Nasr
Deb Daugherty
Pragati Pascal
Sue Ann Taylor
Fabian Martin-Burrell

Kids Against Pollution
Christine Shahin
Melvin Morris
Felicia Davis
John Taylor
Shadia Wood
Illai Kenney
Anthony Dorsey
Steven Character
Umeaka English
Sativa Character
Griselda Tomanio



Turner Studios
Dan Darling
Bud Wendling
Craig Heyl
Lawrence Toner
Kenny Crow
Greg Liptak
Bruce Lebovitz
Dave Henshaw
Mike Reff
Mike Kenny
Lenny Galaviz
Brooks O'Kelley

Counterpart International:
Lelei LeLaulu
Raymond Chavez
Katie Stack
Vance Hartke
Valery Orekhov
Margaret Hayward
Samir Cherrouk
Jessica Mayberry

Tony Trujillo
Joseph Jankowski
Jody Evans
Ann Joiner
Maria Kimble
Lisa McBee
Quoc Nguen
Allison Scuriatti

Telespazio Italy:
Pinto Salvatore
Massimo Colonia

KDDI Japan:
Hiroyoshi Kozuka

Planet Utica
Ron Klopfanstein
James Hale